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Foundation of Orange Communications SA in Switzerland

 Orange Communications SA is a consortium comprising of founding partners, Orange plc, VIAG AG, The Banque Cantonale Vaudoise and Swissphone AG.

 On 29 May 1998, Orange Communications SA received a licence to set up and operate a GSM 1800 MHz mobile communications network from the Ministry for Communication (BAKOM) via the Comcom (Communications Commission). This is the third mobile communications network in Switzerland.

 On 29 June 1999: Start of Network Operation.

Orange Shareholders

Orange plc, UK (Shareholder with 42.5%)

Orange plc. has extensive international experience in the rapid establishment of new high performance GSM 1800 communications networks. The company history is a famous case of successful pioneering. Orange has set up one of the two largest GSM 1800 networks in the world and its operation in the UK. is, with over 2.6 million customers, the world's most successful GSM 1800 network. Orange is recognised for having led the way in mobile communications marketing, sales, distribution and customer service. Many of the marketing innovations introduced by Orange, such as per second billing, and package deals have been adopted by the competition. [ ]

VIAG AG (Shareholder with 42.5%)

The VIAG share company is a mixed-activities company whose success is built on two pillars. Firstly services in the energy and telecommunications sectors and secondly industrial activities in the aluminium, chemicals and packaging sectors. With a turn-over of almost 50 billion DM and around 85'000 employees it is one of the larger industrial concerns in the German economy. VIAG shares are among those with the highest turn-over value in the German share index.

Viag has been active in the telecommunications market for the last three years: In May 1995, they began operation as a joint venture with British Telecom. In 1997 Telenor the largest Norwegian telecommunications company became the third partner in the venture. In the liberalised German telecommunications market, Viag has positioned itself as a complete service provider. Viag's telecommunications strategy is based on the innovative idea of integrating fixed and mobile communication.  [ ]

The Cantonal Bank of Vaud (BCV) (Shareholder with 10%)

Judging balance sheets, the Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) is the second largest of the Swiss Cantonal Banks. It is active internationally, as well as at a local level but it's mission is the encouragement of economic growth in Canton Vaud. The BCV has an international network of relationships and branches in its main markets of Hong Kong, Singapore and Athens. In the financial capital, London, the BCV is a key player in the international activities of the Union of Swiss Cantonal Banks (UBCS). [ ]

Swissphone AG (Shareholder with 5%)

Since it began operating in 1969, Swissphone AG has been one of the Swiss companies playing a leading global role in the mobile communications sector. Developing and realising innovative concepts for public and private paging systems it has gathered a wide base of expertise, developing and applying customer specific solutions for industry and government authorities.

The headquarters in Samstagern are the heart of an globally active company. Swissphone stands for a global brand and a Swiss high-tech-product simultaneously. In 1992, Swissphone received the first BAKOM private licence for the creation of a radio communications network. [ ]

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