Orange Milestones and Key Figures

Orange Milestones and Key Figures

Orange's launch onto the market is proceeding with excellent success!

The result achieved to date - over 300'000 active customers - significantly exceeds our budgeted expectations. The concept for success? - "Focusing on People!" Orange customers appreciate the simple products and rates. They like the brand (95% familiarity rating) and are happy with the good customer service offered. Our young team has performed superbly to achieve outstanding results.

Close identification with Orange, a pronounced innovative drive and an eagerness to embrace new challenges supplement a determination to succeed as our principal motivating factors.

In addition to further expansion in the personnel field, the realisation of an exemplary trainee concept and the continuing development of the Orange network, our focus in the year 2000 will be on the introduction of new and future-oriented technologies. Orange and its network infrastructure will be ready when specially processed data can be downloaded to mobile phones directly from the World Wide Web. The magic formula: WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Personalised interactive-mode services will be accessible thanks to mobile phones supporting WAP technology.

Significantly expanded applications in the data communication field will also be available soon: High Speed Data in the first quarter and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) in the third quarter.

Orange customer base
 Acquisition of more than 300,000 active customers in the first 6 months after launch of operations

Orange network development and roaming agreement
 Over 800 Orange antennas operational; coverage of 90 per cent of the Swiss population in conjunction with national roaming through Swisscom
 Over 100 international roaming agreements, operational

Orange marketing
 95% familiarity rating for the Orange brand within 6 months
 Winner of "best integrated advertising campaign" award within the Orange group

Orange distribution channels
 4,200 POS (distribution partners)
 6 Orange Shops (2 in Zurich, 2 in Lausanne, 1 in Basle, 1 in Geneva)

Orange key financial data
 Investment volume exceeding CHF 800 million up to end of December 1999
 December 1999: capital increase from CHF 155 million to CHF 300 million

Orange human resources
 An overall workforce of 850 permanent employees
 In 1999 Orange created over 700 new jobs and is hence one of the top Swiss companies in respect of job creation over the past year
 Launch of the Orange apprenticeship training programme (54 trainee slots by 2002)

Orange PR and sponsoring
 "A mobile phone can save lives." - Orange launched the "Handy Hero" lifesaver award together with well-known partners such as Swiss Air Rescue, the Swiss Lifesaving Association SLRG and Air Glacier. The first "mobile-phone heroes" to be thus decorated were Anton Scheiwiller (Dietikon) and Ruth Rusterholz (Uster) [ ]

 Culture sponsoring: cinema open air sponsoring under the heading "Orange Cinema" from summer 2000 in Zurich, Berne, Basle and Lausanne

Orange technologies of the future
 The following technologies are scheduled for introduction. The corresponding trials have already been completed:
  • WAP (1st quarter 2000)
  • High Speed Data (1st quarter 2000)
  • GPRS (3rd quarter 2000)
  •  UMTS (Orange is evaluating a possible license application)

    Lausanne, 17 January 2000

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